Sunday, January 6, 2013

Homeschooling 101: A Day at the Sawmill

While children were getting on the bus to return to school and adults were heading back to the office on Wednesday, Sheldon and I headed up to Stow, MA to mill a log my friend had been eyeing on his property. Fortunately, he also has a woodmizer, a metal detector and a willingness to spin a single log a few dozen times to quartersaw wood by my definition, which isn't quite as stringent as Sheldon's.

Here is a picture that is representative of the quality of milling for every single piece that made it into the back of the truck.

And for the record, the entire log made it into the back of the truck. 10.5' long, 32" at the widest end and 26" at the other.

The wood is standing on end for the next few days while I pick out a color for the latex paint. Then the wait begins.