Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Furniture Project at the 2013 New England Home Show

The Haddam Neck Woodworkers' Guild will be well represented at The Furniture Project, an annual show feature of The New England Home Show. Chris Boule was one of several makers accepted to display their work.

If you are one of the many to attend this show make sure you stop by and see his work. It will be worth your time. I'm going Thursday.

The entire demo schedule was just posted here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Class Schedule (with a couple surprises)

Connecticut- Check.
New York- Check.
New Jersey- Check.
Pennsylvania- Check.
Maine- Check.
Iowa?- Check
Washington?- Check, Check.

Using Hollows and Rounds- Check.

I have finalized my schedule for 2013...finally. It is posted on my website.

Upcoming Shows

Peters Valley Craft Center
Layton, NJ
April 26-27

Saratoga Springs City Center
Saratoga Springs, NY
March 23-24

Festhalle Barn
Amana, IA
May 24-25

East Haddam Library
East Haddam, CT
June 12, 7:30-8:30

Upcoming Classes

Using Hollows and Rounds

Manchester, CT
February 23rd and 24th

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Warren, ME
April 6th and 7th

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Warren, ME
August 10th and 11th

Port Townsend, WA

Port Townsend, WA

Pottstown, PA
10/12-13, with optional 3rd day on 10/14

Make a Pair of Hollows and Rounds

Pottstown, PA

With the blessing of Larry Williams and permission of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, I will be teaching this final class about making a pair of hollow/round planes. The process that Larry illustrates in his dvd will be heavily relied upon, but not used exclusively. As a result, much of the material in the class is copywritten and used with permission.

I am increasingly anxious for this week. Due to the small size of the class, 6 total (which is always the case at The Acanthus Workshop), the process may go quicker than has been indicated. In short, I don't know if it is a 5 day class or only a 2.5 day class.

I will be bringing extra material for any students that finish early to make a rabbet plane or fill in the gaps with my usual instruction with your new planes.

The class my be shorter in the future, but it will not likely be more available. A class of 6 people appears to be the perfect setting for this class.

I hope to see a few of you at one of the benches in these classes or at my bench at one of the shows. Check your schedules.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Mahogany Wedge?

This is the first wedge I've made that's mahogany. Any guesses?

You're cold

Getting warmer, but still cold.




Found it! 

Preparation continues in the Tuesday nights and predawn mornings for the NWA show in Saratoga.