Tuesday, September 17, 2013

M. S. Bickford & Son, LLC

Well, it's not quite "& Son" yet. The kid can't even make it through a simple morning of packing. Worthless.

Maybe he will last through this weekend's Lie-Nielsen Handtool Event and CVSW Open House in Manchester, CT. I will be one of many demonstrators. Have you seen the list of the other demonstrators?

Charlie Watson - Demontrating antique handplanes.
Mickey Callahan - Founder of SAPFM, CVSW Instructor
Will Neptune - CVSW Instructor
Steve Branam - Representing SAPFM
Peter Galbert - Windsor Chairs
Tom Jannke - Broken Screw Extractors
Greg Massicotte - Behlen / Mohawk Finishing Supplies
Walt Scadden - Lead Blacksmith on building of the Amistad, CVSW Instructor
Warren Blessing - Connecticut WoodCarvers
Jeff Noden - Adjusta Bench and Inlay Razor
Parkerville Woodworking - Manchester, Connecticut Hardwood Lumber Dealer
Catharine Kennedy - Custom Engraved Tools
Mike Danchak - Custom Furniture Maker
Mike Pekovich - Fine Woodworking Magazine
Ben Gammell - Connecticut Historical Society
Scott Dixon - US Guitar Kits

Saturday Only: Antique Dealers will be attending this Event. The Dealers for this Event are:

Walt - Brass City Records
Jim Taylor
Warren Charrette
Craig Jensen - Antique Tools
Randy Nelson
David Niles
Steve Christoffers - 3D Printer
The house will be open, it will be full and it will be fun! The kid, however, may be in the car with the windows up.

See! I haven't forgotten about the blog.