Monday, January 20, 2014

Moldings in Practice: The DVD

Lost Art Press published my book, Mouldings in Practice, a year and a half ago. The purpose of the book is to introduce hollows and rounds to a broader audience by showing off the capabilities of the tools while explaining the most basic topics of their use. The book shows you how to create mouldings by hand while explaining the relevance of the tools in my shop, and possibly yours.

The book accomplishes this goal. However, there are some things that are easier watched than read. The book explains and illustrates how to execute a moulding. But it doesn't show mouldings being executed. Same with sharpening, maintenance, ergonomics, setting an iron, etc.

With that said, I am proud to announce the release of my dvd, Moldings in Practice, through Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. This project will be a good supplement to my book (or vice versa) but, like the book, it was created to stand alone. The video includes the information needed for somebody who knows nothing to be able to produce a predetermined profile--your predetermined profile, not mine and certainly not Freud's.

The information in both will give you a simple series of steps to follow in creating moulding profiles to fit your needs or your desires, regardless of size or shape. Both assume you know nothing about the tools. You only need to be interested in working safer, quieter, with your hands instead of a push stick or having more options than your local Woodcraft.

As a side note, Poor Old Shine, a local bluegrass/americana band that is young, energetic, and some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet recorded the music for the disc. (You'll have to buy the dvd to hear the instrumental or their new album to hear it the way they want you to.) I bring this up because the group is in possession of a Lie-Nielsen saw that is featured in this cover of Ain't No More Cane below.

I just thought you might be interested because the same three parties are involved in very different manners.

This was recorded live so you'll have to excuse the clatter of children in the background, one of which is ringing a bell. 

Here they are in a little more professional setting:

Check out their new album. Check out their show. Ask them to see the saw, it's pretty sweet and unlike yours.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bible box

Here are a couple pictures of a bible box I made as a gift. I had some scrap lying around and wanted to try a little carving like Peter Follansbee.

I don't know how he'll feel about the mahogany, dovetails, the carving being inset, the bead, the stamp being filed onto an allen wrench, the shellac, etc. I thought about his work the entire time and I did nail the bottom on (They weren't cut nails.)

I had a little more scrap so I made one that is quite different. This one only had the single carved face.