Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Podcast and A Plug

I recently recorded a few podcasts with the gentlemen at 360 Woodworking. You can check out the first over at 360 Woodworking.

Chuck Bender, one of the proprietors at 360, is one of the three members of the our woodworking community that were truly instrumental in me starting this years long endeavor of making planes.

I have been fascinated by Chuck's work for a long time and use any excuse to spend time in his shop. As a result, I will be teaching two classes out in Cincinnati in early November.

In the first session I will teach the of making side escapement planes by walking the small class through the process of making a round. Each student will then leave with the material, skill and tool (hollow) to make the mating round.

In the second two-day class we will learn the process of how to use hollows and rounds to make repeatable and desirable profiles with a series of tools that have no fences or depth stops and are difficult to steer.

Over these years I have learned that each woodworking school is different. Chuck's school is geared toward small groups, which means that there is a lot of one-on-one interaction so more subjects can be thoroughly covered. Additionally, the shop helper, Chuck, has not only made the various subjects his classes focus upon, but he built an obviously successful career in selling them. He uses this type of tool in his professional work so he comes to the subject fully knowledgable and from a different prospective.

Who knows, maybe we'll even get Mr. Machine himself, Glen Huey, to try one out. So consider coming for the knowledge and experience or just Glen's handtool intervention where we address the subject 'Safety With Power Equipment: Fact or Fabrication.'