Tuesday, September 17, 2013

M. S. Bickford & Son, LLC

Well, it's not quite "& Son" yet. The kid can't even make it through a simple morning of packing. Worthless.

Maybe he will last through this weekend's Lie-Nielsen Handtool Event and CVSW Open House in Manchester, CT. I will be one of many demonstrators. Have you seen the list of the other demonstrators?

Charlie Watson - Demontrating antique handplanes.
Mickey Callahan - Founder of SAPFM, CVSW Instructor
Will Neptune - CVSW Instructor
Steve Branam - Representing SAPFM
Peter Galbert - Windsor Chairs
Tom Jannke - Broken Screw Extractors
Greg Massicotte - Behlen / Mohawk Finishing Supplies
Walt Scadden - Lead Blacksmith on building of the Amistad, CVSW Instructor
Warren Blessing - Connecticut WoodCarvers
Jeff Noden - Adjusta Bench and Inlay Razor
Parkerville Woodworking - Manchester, Connecticut Hardwood Lumber Dealer
Catharine Kennedy - Custom Engraved Tools
Mike Danchak - Custom Furniture Maker
Mike Pekovich - Fine Woodworking Magazine
Ben Gammell - Connecticut Historical Society
Scott Dixon - US Guitar Kits

Saturday Only: Antique Dealers will be attending this Event. The Dealers for this Event are:

Walt - Brass City Records
Jim Taylor
Warren Charrette
Craig Jensen - Antique Tools
Randy Nelson
David Niles
Steve Christoffers - 3D Printer
The house will be open, it will be full and it will be fun! The kid, however, may be in the car with the windows up.

See! I haven't forgotten about the blog.


  1. Vogt Toolworks too. Don't forget your kid sitter in Iowa!

  2. you mention that you can't find beech suitable for planemaking. can you elaborate? have you tried quartersawn american beech? have you tried european beech?

  3. Harvey,
    I am terrible at updating my webpage. I have been working almost exclusively out of american beech for the last 3 years. I probably have 3-4k board feet around my house.