Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Make a Crossbow (Guest Blogger)

(My oldest son wanted to write an instruction booklet. He dictated the reasons and instruction. Enjoy!)

My name is Sheldon Bickford. I am 6 years old. I decided to write this blog for other woodworkers with kids or grandsons. I think you will be interested in putting this together. It only takes 45 minutes.

These are the tools that we use to make the crossbow.

These are the pieces for the crossbow.

I'm using a square to mark the line.

I'm using the bow to mark the other line.

Take an across the grain saw. Saw the two lines.

Chisel out the piece of wood that is between the two lines.

Here is the piece of wood with the crack in it.

We're using a gouge to widen the crack and round the back. You need to round the back so that when the bow bends backwards it will not break.

Take a thin piece of wood. Put it on the crack. Take a mallet. Hit the small piece of wood into the big piece of wood.

Make a wedge. Put the wedge into the crack between the small piece of wood and big piece of wood. Hit it with a mallet. Break the tip of the wedge off. It's easier to fix than glue.

Drill a hole in each side of the thin piece of wood.

Tie the rope through the hole on both sides.

Put a nail on the front for the site.

Hot glue the clothes pin on. Let the glue dry.

I'm really just shaving the bark of the piece of wood to make the bolt.

This is what it looks like done.


  1. "Across the grain saw." That's awesome!

  2. Good job, Sheldon. Now you need to make a target (other than your two brothers!) Keep up the good work.

  3. You go, Boy. That is marvelous.

  4. Very nice Sheldon, you should be proud of your work. Now that the crossbow is done, is a catapult, or trebuchet next?

  5. Be sure to show us the animals you skewered for dinner!


  6. Awesome job, Sheldon! Thank you for sharing this. My boys and I will make these this weekend.

  7. That's great! What kind of wood did you use for the bow and for the bolt?

  8. Man, Sheldon's bench is nicer than mine!

  9. Great looking urban art. I am so glad to get a peek at it!

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