Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Making Moulding Planes With Machines

Seeing multiple methods for executing the same task is often beneficial. 

Old Street Tool has posted several videos of their many plane-making methods on Instagram and others have posted the same. Here is a full video--from set-up to execution--of my method of cutting the escapement of moulding planes on machines, which is different than others.

There are many benefits for making this portion of these planes with machines. Not only is the process incredibly quick (I set the whole thing up and cut two escapements while talking in less than 3 minutes and could likely do 20 of the same size in 5 minutes) but it is also inexpensively made with tools and materials you likely have while being, most importantly, accurate.

Accuracy when cutting the escapement is important because you are also establishing the bed and breast of the mortise. An accurately cut, clean bed will speed up many other aspects of plane making while also leaving a tighter mouth and other cleaner aspects, etc.

I will be teaching a class at The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts from February 10-11. The class is about using moulding planes. Subjects like this video and any other that your little heart desires will be discussed before class, after, during lunch or when you're looking to take a break from making the many moulding we will be learning.

Consider the class if you're considering adding these tools to your work. Spending a weekend with the planes I make will give you a good goal when it comes to tuning your own. I will see you there, or here, or Instagram (@msbickford).