Saturday, January 5, 2019

Raffle to Win a Rabbet Plane

The entry period to win a rabbet plane is closed. I appreciate all readers who entered and even those hundreds of you who didn't (read far enough here or here).

Here are the rules:
My son will randomly choose the lucky few/several/many to make it to round 2 with The Randomizer. He will shoot one round of shot at the target below. Anybody who has any portion of their circle pierced will make it to the final round to be held a few days after the first. One round nicking a circle equals 3 in the center. I am the final arbiter regarding any issues, but there won't be any.

The numbers have been distributed in the order in which you responded to my request. The first person to send an email is #1, the last person is #173.

You may find your number in the following images. The list is alphabetical based upon the email address with which you responded. I put a lot of asterisks over a large part of each person's address to keep this anonymous. Please let me know if you have any questions, but let's keep these minimal and double check your number against your known address.

Unfortunately, it's raining today and I don't want to deal with running ink. We will have The Randomizer choose the winner ASAP. Tomorrow looks like it will be the day. I will post the full video upon completion immediately on my Instagram account: @msbickford. I'll later post the names/numbers of those who made it to round 2, along with the full video, here.

Again, there are 2 rounds this year which is different than the one of last. (I have fun with the contest and want to prolong it. I thank you each for humoring me.) 

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