Friday, September 9, 2011

CVSW Open House

I will be attending an open house at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking tomorrow. There is a long list of presenters in a great facility. Come check them out if you're in the area.

Lie Nielsen Toolworks
Central Ct Woodturners
Mystic Woodcarvers
Walt Scadden Blacksmithing and carbon fiber demonstrations
Mike Pekovich from Fine Woodworking Magazine
Tico Vogt- chute boards
US Guitars kits
Jeff Noden- Adjusta-bench
Greg Massicotte- Behlen Finishing Products
Bill Rittner - replacement handplane knobs & totes
Joe Zeh- Sketch up
Ct Historical Society
CVSW Instructors:
            Bob Van Dyke, Will Neptune, Mickey Callahan, Mike Pekovich, Walt Scadden
and a whole bunch of antique tools for sale!

Of course, if you don't come maybe I will have enough time to step away from my bench and figure out how to complete these bracket feet on sketch-up.

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