Monday, September 12, 2011

This Past Weekend and Next.

I'm certain that a great time was had by all at the CVSW open house this past weekend. There was a full house with plenty of different exhibitors.

Jeff Noden (of Noden Adjust-a-Bench and The Noden Inlay Razor) and woodworker/author Craig Bentzley stopped by for dinner and end-of-summer fun before their trip home to NJ and PA, respectively.

Here are a couple pictures of Jeff demonstrating what sounds like his original passion.

(Jeff and my oldest son, Sheldon, at work)

(The final product. I don't have enough room to explain what happened to the real rockets)

(Don't ask why Jeff has those pants on without shoes, it's all part of the same story)


I didn't get a picture of Craig on the quad or firing a D-cell battery out of the black powder canon. I was changing out of the cloths that, in an effort to retrieve a rocket, I had just unintentionally went wading through an old peat swamp in. 

I will be in Newport, Rhode Island this coming weekend for a Lie Nielsen Handtool event. You probably won't need a second pair of pants.

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