Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haddam Neck Woodworkers' Guild

The Haddam Neck Woodworkers Guild met for the first time last night. This will be a group of local craftsmen that meets once a week after work in an effort to force ourselves to produce things for ourselves. The group will meet, work, and exchange upwards of 6 sentences. I'm happy that 75% of the local woodworkers have joined.

In classic Haddam Neck form, a tree fell on a wire in the middle of a perfectly clear and windless day, knocking out power to half of the town. The location had to be changed and one third of our group (of three) couldn't attend because there was a tree across the only road.

I made this practice piece a while ago. It was very difficult to pick this up again.


  1. Sounds like my kind of guild. Can I join?

  2. Yes, it will probably be most boring video conference of all time and will undoubtedly lead to a 'Speed'/Keanu Reeves moment.