Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Cannot Crosscut With A Rip Saw But You Can Rip With A Crosscut...

Just not economically and not if you intend to remain friends with the person on the other end.

I spared you the picture of me being up on a ladder while doing this. I wouldn't want you to laugh, after all.

We were definitely craving the frame saw that the Minnesota SAPFM guys has at WIA.

I didn't have high hopes. The saw was hanging in my buddy's house. But we stayed on target and didn't go off by even 1/16". We went about 12" deeper than what you see on the far side. It would have worked, but I found access to a bandsaw with nearly 19" resaw capacity. 

Here are a few pictures of other pieces that are being worked on for NWA 2012.

Don's chest of drawers.

Chris' chest of drawers.

And of course, more progress. I will be done with the carving of this next week and will pick at it/clean it up for a night after that.

Don't forget the SAPFM deadline of Oct. 31 for submitting pictures of your work to enter into:

A Tradition of Craft: Current Works
by the Society of American Period Furniture Makers

I went down to Don's last week to take a couple pictures of the three pieces he has entered. Here's a sneak preview of one...


  1. Matt, is the Don you are referring to Don Dunlap? I love that Scots Irish style and the flower ogee moulding is outstanding!

  2. Great looking stuff. I am a big fan of the Dunlap style.
    Is Don the Don Boule who entered last year or was his son?

    Jim Marsh

  3. Beautiful work. And outstanding detail on the pictures as well. Better than anything you can find in a book.