Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dedicated Plane for a Harpsichord Bridge

It has been a while since I posted a step by step. I thought you might be interested in this one because it's a little different.

I'm in the process of making a dedicated plane for Owen Daly, a professional harpsichord maker. The profile is for the bridge.

The dimensions here are approximate and for the actual moulding, not the plane.

Rabbet plane

1 pass with a snipes bill

Rabbet plane for the chamfer followed by #1 round. (Take note that I am using the plane on a chamfer, not as I traditionally do on the arrises of a rabbet. It's just too small.)

#1 hollow. (Again, because the plane is so small I am simply starting on a single corner.)


Waiting for approval before I go ahead with the grinding, etc...
The actual profile is off his router table. The plane is my work.


  1. Did you have to make a # 1 hollow and round for this plane, or were you making them that small already?

    The finished profile looks just like the small ogee on an antique pair of # 2 hollow and rounds I have. The ogee is on the underside of the handhold, before it narrows down to the sole profile.

    Man, I'm not sure my eyes can even tell if a # 1 is a round or hollow, they are so small.

  2. I have made several of the odd number planes. The number 1s are extremely small. The profiles they create are awesome.

    You'd have a hard time seeing the sole? Try sharpening one. It takes me longer than a #10.