Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Result

I have finished sharpening the dedicated plane I made yesterday. Here's a quick image of the result.

The profile my plane cuts is on top. The profile from Owen's router is on the bottom.

Three quick points:

1. A custom router bit is cheaper.

2. Setting this profile onto an edge, however, will always be a 5 minute operation from start to finish. Compare that to the time it will take you to set up a router table and then sand.

3. The making of this plane speaks well to the versatility of hollows and rounds. The sole of the plane was made with them. The profile itself can be made with them. There are scores of additional profiles you can create with just them and an incalculable amount that they could be incorporated into.


  1. You note cost and time as some factors to consider. I look at both profiles and see them as strikingly different in character. A bit odd that the machine routed molding that you used as a model ended up looking like the imitation. Splendid to see a side by side comparison.

    George Walker

  2. Your plane leaves a much better profile-considerably sharper and a clean surface.Thanks for showing this it really makes the case for hand tools-if this does'nt get people to lay down their routers then nothing will.

  3. Your profiles edges are much sharper than those of the router bit. Also, while the router bit is cheaper - the router is not! :)