Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Focus on the Shell

I spent more time with the shell on the drawer this morning. It will be the focus of attention, after all. A few changes made a world of difference.

I will likely pick at this thing until I make a fatal error.


  1. That is really beautiful. Some of these designs are overdone, but I think yours is just right.

  2. Beautiful. I am catching up on the blogs and just saw the most recent and was disappointed I could not get a good look at the central shell. I like the flower in the middle and would really like a head on shot. I realize you went for the natural raking light. Guess I will wait for the in-person look in March.

    Great job,
    Go Giants
    Jim Marsh

  3. Jim,
    I've been waiting to take that picture until it's complete. I will try to get one in the coming days. I really need to work on planes tomorrow.