Monday, April 2, 2012

NWA Woodworking Showcase 2012

I got back from Saratoga Springs and the NWA show last night. Saturday was the busiest woodworking show I've ever been to. Any given aisle reminded me of video footage from Walmart in the early morning dawn of Black Friday. I wasn't able to leave my booth and be back within 20 minutes. The crowd was great.

My entire woodworking guild makes the trip to this show. Our goal is to each enter a piece every year. It was a full van with three big pieces and a bench for my booth.

Don, who made this tea table last year,

entered a high chest of drawers.

Chris, Don's son, entered a 2/3 sized highboy last year.

He continued with his style this year as he entered a 2/3 sized chest of drawers this year.

Just wait until you see what Chris has for 2013...

And, of course, there is mine. (This will be the last time I bother you with a picture.) 

After each leaving with ribbons in 2011 we got shutout this year. That means bigger and better for next. We each have the projects chosen, as guild night only misses one week. Two have them started. (I won't say which two.)

Now I'll go back to Turbotax.


  1. Matt,
    There must have been a lot of impressive pieces this year if all three of those didn't win something. I'm sorry to have missed the show, I couldn't get away from work.


    1. Hopefully you'll be able to make it there next year. The show was great.

  2. Matt,

    Your piece is impressive and way beyond my skills. Congratulations.

    By the way, what is that red, white and blue to the right rear? Looks like a horse.

    Terry Chapman
    Highland Woodworking, Atlanta

    1. Terry,
      Thanks for the comment and reading.

      That is a horse in the background of the picture. I wish I had taken more. There was a ton of very impressive pieces there.

  3. Chris, Don, and Matt paid the heavy price for not being NWA members. If you want them ribbons, boys, pony up yer dues.

    1. There were no 'honorable mention' or 'professional excellence' awards given out in our category because "the judges will not award ribbons if they don't feel like there is a deserving piece." At least two of the other three ribbons went to NWA members.

      It's okay. We'll keep going. It's strange and disappointing, but still a lot of fun.

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