Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Weekend at The Acanthus Workshop

I got back from another weekend of teaching a class at The Acanthus Workshop late last night. We had a busy three days.

If you have ever wondered what is produced during a weekend class on using moulding planes, you now know.

A pile of shavings like this must have a byproduct, right? Well, here is a portion of what one student left behind...

Each of the five students in the class left with a complete stick of moulding to make a picture frame.

Once mitered, it will look something like this...

Check this link out if you want to know how I made this.

These pieces were done completely by hand

This was the first time that an optional third day was added to the class. On this final day we used a larger range of planes and quite a few carving gouges.

Mike had never set a carving gouge to wood before. He did a great job.

Dave, on the other hand, has.

The small class size offered at The Acanthus Workshop + a set of hollows and rounds + Chuck Bender =
Whatever the students want to do.

I had no intention of making a linenfold, but we did. I didn't get a picture of the 6' length of moulding that we then cut up and is pictured above. 

Each of the students that opted for the third day made a portion of that long length while taking a timeout from carving their egg and dart. They were sent home with homework.

Chuck is offering a class on BUILDING A BOSTON BOMBE CHEST in the near future. It's 6 days. This is a picture of the piece from Chuck's site.
Will there be homework there too?

Ask him how far the students got in the Master Class of making a pie crust stand. It was pretty impressive to hear. There will likely be less homework than you can imagine.


  1. Is there time to sleep during the six day Bombe chest class?

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  3. Thanks for the great class, Matt. It's pretty eye-opening how many different moulding profiles we were able to quickly make with nothing more than a rabbet plane and two pair of hollows & rounds.
    Now, using your explanations of how to lay out a profile, I feel like I've got a whole router bit catalog with my hollows & rounds.
    The class was a great experience. There's just no substitute for learning first-hand from an expert like Matt. The tips, hints and corrections you get from having him at your side are invaluable. With the small class size we all got plenty of personal attention and answers to our questions.