Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dishes are Done, Man!

I will only say that I am very excited. My dressing table is complete.

I am teaching a class at The Acanthus Workshop in 1 week. Come learn how to make the mouldings. There is one spot available. 


  1. Nice job man! Which drawer stores the lego gun?

  2. Matt - that is a spectacular piece of work! The carving work is absolutely first-rate, and the finish is dead-on. Most importantly, the whole piece feels perfectly integrated - not easy to pull off this well.

    with results like that, who cares if it's 13 months behind schedule.

    Awesome work, man. congratulations.

  3. Matt, truly magnificent. Everything came together and certainly shows your talent beyond hollows and rounds. The carving is crisp and varied and the pierced brass is stunning.

    Hope to see it on the 31st.

    Jim Marsh

  4. Beautiful piece!

    I wonder how many people read the title of this post, and pictured a kid on the roof of his house with a shotgun...

  5. Beautiful job Matt, you should be proud.