Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Greatest Creation Yet

I have recently been asked a few times about the progress on my hobby. Well, it's complete.

What you are looking at is a magazine fed semiautomatic rifle made completely out of Legos and 3 rubberbands. It shoots Legos. 

I stopped counting the number of hours I have invested into the thing. You'll be happy to know that there is still room for improvement. My kids, of course, have lost 40% of their legos, which used to be mine. 

In other news, I still have to a few more coats of finish for my dressing table. I will likely complete that in a week.


  1. I want one. The table is looking good, too.

  2. Two greatest creations, plural. Two fine boys!

  3. Don't forget to hang some brasses on that thang too, Matt. (I mean the table, not the Lego launcher).

    Mark Maleski

  4. Matt what finish are you using, and why?


  5. stained, sealed and lacquered...quality + ease + coachability = the reasons.