Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Part II: A Textbook Example for Hollows and Rounds

I will continue where I left off yesterday.

Moving on to the skirt (2nd from back above) of the Bill's great great grandfather's clock.

Snipes bill to start the rabbets follow by a rabbet plane

#16 Round

#8 Hollow

#4 Hollow

In yesterday's example of the crown, the largest cove is a 1.5" radius. Here, the cove is only 1.25" radius. 

The advantage that hollows and rounds encourage is the ability to make specific profiles. I have little doubt that there are several examples of those who have placed yesterday's profile both there and where today's belongs because the profiles are approximately the same size--2" x 2"--and have a large cove.

Who will notice, right?

Hollows and rounds allow you to make moulding profiles that compliment each other. 


  1. I really like the work that you do. Have you or are you going to make a book with all of these neat cutting profiles?

  2. Due to the fact that the book I have written is weeks away from going to the printer (to be published by Chris Schwarz' Lost Art Press), these profiles will not be included.

    There will be scores of profiles included in the second section of this book. (Plus an enormous surprise!)