Thursday, June 21, 2012

As Summer Winds Down

Well, the summer solstice has come and gone. Each consecutive day will slowly get shorter as we head into fall and then a long winter.

The pins will be pulled from our golf courses. The docks will be pulled out of our rivers. The humidifiers will be turned on in our bedrooms after the dehumidifiers are turned off in out basements. The heavy woodworking season is coming as we'll spend more time in our warm basements and cold garages instead of all the various summer activities that trump our work.

In no time at all I will see if this thing is structurally sound as the winds pick up and I need to shovel a foot of snow off this last weekend's project.

It feels like summer just began.


  1. What a pessimistic title. Summer has just begun. Given yesterday and todays heat we could be looking for it to cool down soon.

    Interesting structure. I hope Sheldon is doing some of the design work. I am sure there is a place for a hammock to view nice sunsets and general loafing.

    Jim Marsh

  2. Strangled trees, for them it's already winter. I have but a limited experience with tree structures but is not better to fix the deck to a single tree and to let the other trees only support the deck leaving them enough space to move under the wind?

  3. It floats. If you look at the joints in the first picture you may be able to see the joints are not fixed in the front left and back left, plus a post that will sway to some extent. You can hear and see the whole thing move in slight winds.