Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's That Time Again

It must be time for a weekend class.

I'm heading off to Maine tomorrow morning for a weekend workshop. 

More early morning milling awaits...


  1. Looks like exciting times there. Those cardboard look like they could be replaced with stackable packing boxes like from "The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" with the addition of end cleats to form handles and slip in removable lids like Japanese tool boxes. Just like you need something else to do. I see now from the stack of prepared molding blanks how your classes can be made more productive.
    Maybe some day you will be closer to central Texas or I will travel back east to meet and visit with you first hand but for now what you post on your blog and your writing will have to do.

    Jack Ervin

    1. Jack,
      When I first started reading your response I thought you were volunteering to make me a few boxes! It really was "exciting times." Alas, you meant me.

      I'll talk to Chris about having a class for traveling boxes. In the mean time, my classes are slowly outfitting my house with beautiful window sashes. (Not really, but they could. We make a lot of profiles.)

      I don't know when I'll get to Texas, but I'll get there. Watch the LN schedule and keep nudging me.

      Thank you for the note.