Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend Workshop at Lie-Nielsen: Moulding Planes

I will be teaching a Weekend Workshop at Lie-Nielsen in Warren, ME from August 18-19.

These classes are a great opportunity for somebody that is interested in learning how to use moulding planes, specifically, hollows and rounds. We will be using pairs of 6s, 10s and a rabbet plane to make more than a dozen very different moulding profiles.

We will discuss plane selection (hollows vs. rounds, hollows vs. snipesbills, rounds vs. side rounds) and plane maintenance (from sharpening to seasonal maintenance). We will execute coves, ovolos, cove and ovolos, ogees and more.

The purpose of the class is to build your understanding of how to lay out and execute simple moulding profiles, like coves and ovolos, and then build that knowledge into laying out and executing those that are much more complex.

Are you interested in making your own planes? Come and ask questions.

Are you interested in tuning up antiques? Bring them along. Though the class does not focus on this subject, it's inevitable that it will be discussed.

Do you have a moulding for a current project you want to make? Bring that too. (You will want to send me the profile dimensions before hand.)

Do you need to have your own planes? Absolutely not. I'm bringing all of these and many others for the students to use and, if you're interested, many will be for sale.

The class will culminate with making this picture frame.


  1. I wish I could be there Matt. I learned quite a bit from you at WIA last year, and would love to continue the education. I've got a copy of your book on the way too.

    Definitely can't make it though, I've got my first child on the way any day.

  2. Matt, met you too at WIA. Will you be there again? Ted

  3. I took the class at Acanthus last year. It was fabulous! Matt is an excellent instructor and really does a good job of explaining how to plan and layout a moulding.

    Anyone interested in making mouldings should take the class and buy his book.