Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Fun Story

I was reminded of a fun story while making the two plaques in my previous post:

The last time I made a sign like that was 5 years ago. I had recently moved to CT after leaving my previous job and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next.

Stanley (Yes, that Stanley) was advertising a job in marketing to help introduce their new line of high-end woodworking tools to woodworkers. I had no way to relate my previous experience on a resume. I tried to explain the reasons on paper but they didn’t call me back. I thought that if I could just speak to somebody I could tell him how I’m perfect because I have a genuine interest in their industry and direction. All of my free time was spent in research, after all. I called and nobody called me back.

I had the perfect plan. Using that 'print it, tape it, trace it' method I carved a ‘Stanley’ sign with my uncle’s 720s. I took a couple pictures of the process and brought them all up to the Stanley main building. After nearly getting thrown out by security for not having an appointment I finally spoke to somebody in human resources long enough for her to take my resume, pictures and plaque. No call. Ever.

This month marks my fifth year in business pursuing customers. I’ll be at Handworks in May with just about every high-end hand tool manufacturer.


Just send my work back.


  1. The bigger they once were, the more clueless as to why they have fallen so hard.

  2. It is a shame when you know you have what someone needs, and they fail to appreciate it.
    I suspect you would have been frustrated being involved with so many corporate managers to slow the positive direction you'd have been able to provide.
    I do hope there is someone from Stanley's team that is passionate about woodworking and follows this blog, and will be at HandWorks.

  3. I'm so glad Stanley never called you.