Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Sunday Afternoon, A Tuesday Evening and 10 Minutes Between.

I quickly made a sign as a gift for a friend, Kate Jones. She originally built my website and just recently transformed it into something that I will be able to manage completely. (Much of the information on my website is quite outdated and will be changed in short order.)

The final product is awesome. I know this because Kate asked about the machine I used to make it.

The process of making something so exact attracted the attention of one of my children. I insisted it was something that he could do. Yesterday we set out to again prove that his father is always correct. I took a couple minutes to start the process with him. His lines became much crisper by the time he got to the 6th letter. (I did the 'B' and the 'K'.)

This, of course, led to making another gift, a cleaner workbench and a wish that I made the original plaque in reverse.

As you become immersed in this craft you find tools whose capabilities truly fascinate. I appreciate my gouges (I used a total of three for the two plaques). The options they afford me are relieving (get it?). 2-3 hours and I have exactly what I want.

My next post, which will come much sooner than this one did, will showcase another series of tools that will afford me the opportunity to make exactly what I want, not limited by what bits or blades I may have. Any guesses?

Pick up a couple gouges. Play around with them. Are there other tools that encourage you to make a small project in a single evening? 


  1. Matt,

    I am interested in picking up a gouge or two at an upcoming tool sale. I don't intend to become a serious carver just want to dabble a bit. Any suggestions for what I should consider as "general use" gouges to get me started?

    Thanks, Dave

  2. GAHHH!!! Egads, man!

    What is MOONBASE3???? And where are 1 and 2???

    Also, good to see you writing again. Would love a bit more detailed info on your gouging process. Awesome job there. Even awesomer (?) job with the dependent. Mine is still struggling with an appropriate level of attention span, so our shop time is limited. But we're getting there.

    No ideas on what's next. What tool uses bits AND blades? (Assuming by "bits" you're referring to the boring tools and not just generic items, like "bits and bobs".)