Saturday, December 15, 2018

Making Another Picture Frame with Hollows and Rounds (Actually, Just Hollows Here)

I will choose to keep this post quick because time is precious at this point of each year. Christmas presents must be made, after all. (This frame was made several years ago.)

This frame starts with material that is 1 3/16" wide

Like every profile made with hollows and rounds, we will start with a series of rabbets...

...and chamfers to remove waste and guide the profiled planes.

Step 3: #6 Hollow to make a full 180 degrees of an arc.

Step 5: #4 Hollow

Step 5 and 6: #2 Hollow

Finally, squash the top profile in Step 7: #10 Hollow

Picture frame profiles often look strange to us furniture people, but...

...they always come together once mitered, however.

For the record, I spent 00:20:10 with the profiled planes here, much of which was battling my previous workbench, Big Pink. I had it on videotape but couldn't bring myself to post it.

Note: I will be posting instructions to win an 'X-out' plane in the coming day(s)/week(s). I go out of my way to keep the winner as being a current blog reader, in-house. If you've made it this far into the text then I'll encourage you to keep reading my upcoming blogs, knowing that any publicity you give this future contest will ultimately reduce your chances of winning and my desire to pay my readers.  I am, intentionally, not striving to increase my social media exposure. So, let us keep this quiet, or I will cancel the upcoming contest.


  1. Dear Matt,
    I have been wandering for some time what is a hollow molding plane and what is a round molding plane.
    Reading your blog, it seems it does not follow the general usage which is naming a plane by the result it will give. A plane is to make a planar surface, a rabbet plane is to make rabbet, etc.
    Is it accepted by everybody that a hollow molding plane is to make convex profile or are there two clique?
    At least now I am sure of what you mean when I read your excellent blog.

  2. Generally molding planes are named after the profile they create, yes. Hollows and rounds, however, are named after the shape of their sole.

    Hollows are featured in this post.

    Be well,

  3. Hi Matt,
    When you say you spent 20:10 on the molding are you saying 20 mins, 10 seconds or 20 hours, 10 minutes? One seems really fast, the other really slow.


    1. Steve,
      I spent 20 minutes with the profiled planes. Much of the time making molding profiles is spent laying out and executing the rabbets. Time spent with the hollows and rounds is intentionally minimal and quick.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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