Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Mouldings In Practice" Now Available with Free Shipping

I am VERY excited.

Over the last few years I have often been asked for further direction regarding the process of using moulding planes that I describe and teach. A few years ago I started offering weekend workshops at a few various locations and pointed interested parties to those. These classes, of course, weren't enough because they're difficult to attend and, due to the fact that I'm the only instructor and need to supply all of the tools for everybody involved, small. 18 months ago I started to write what I thought would be a 10 page pamphlet I could give to those who asked.

A picture frame made by Joseph Cunningham at CVSW last weekend. He wrote about the class on his blog

I spent this weekend at Lie-Nielsen's Summer Open House in Warren, ME with several friends and scores of woodworkers. I was again afforded the opportunity to put my planes in the hands of several interested woodworkers. Once again I was asked for further direction, but I fortunately abandoned that pamphlet after a quick conversation in a pizza "parlor" in Saratoga, NY with Chris Schwarz.

This weekend was much different than any other in one grand respect. I'm happy to announce that Lost Art Press is now offering a book I wrote, "Mouldings in Practice," that details the entire process that I describe: from holding the planes to maintaining the edges, from a small cove to large crowns, from rabbets to snipes bills...the book is all inclusive.

Chris has written about the specifics of the book on his blog. "Mouldings in Practice" is more than 250 page with hundreds of color illustrations and tons of pictures. Preordering the book through Lost Art Press means you will receive free shipping.

The book will be carried by several different vendors: Lost Art Press, Lie-Nielsen, Tools for Working Wood, Lee Valley in Canada, and Classic Hand Tools in the UK.

Additionally, a digital download of E.J. Warne's "Furniture Mouldings" will be available to those who order through Lost Art Press. This book is the perfect supplement to mine (or mine to his). It is more than 100 plates/pages of full size moulding profiles including a range of pieces from 17th century chests to 19th century tall clocks. Each plate probably averages 8 profiles...we're talking hundreds of profiles for those who can't get to a museum. 

I now have a specific place to point those who are interested in the tools and the process. The book will give you a significant base or knowledge before we meet in the future.

Chris brought a printout of the book that I kept at my bench this weekend. At the very least the book gives me a reference so that you don't have to decipher the drawings on my sticking board and bench... and I'm excited about that.


  1. Matt,

    A hearty congratulations on completing your first tome on heraldic mouldery! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I would also like to thank you for taking the subject of mouldings and making it accessible to the average woodworker. I hope to one day acquire a half set of H&R's and create some profiles of my own. I've enjoyed reading your blog posts...and though they're not always as witty as the "Walking Daed", they always prove informative!

    All the best!

    Louis Bois

  2. Matt,

    Your blog has always been great and interesting reading. I am confident that your book will prove to be event better! Then too, the "Schwarzifying Effect" seems to improve all written things and - make used tool prices stiffer!
    Even with your book out there, I hope you keep up your blog. Finally, have I written and told you about the great rabbet planes I bought from a guy named Matt Bickford?

    KAR - Cincinnati

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