Monday, April 11, 2011

LN Event at Popular Woodworking

This Thursday I will be driving to Cincinnati, OH for the LN event at Popular Woodworking.

Daed Toolworks, Czech Edge, Glen-Drake Tools, George Walker, SAPFM, and Jeff Miller will all be presenting along with Lie Nielsen and the staff of Popular Woodworking.

Here is a better write up than I will attempt.

All I will say is that I definitely do not have the time to make this trip. I forced it in my schedule. This show, with all the other presenters, is one I really want to attend.

I am going as a fan of the magazine but telling my wife that it's just one of those sacrifices one needs to make for a new business.

I won't be eating at White Castle this time. I will not make that sacrifice twice.


  1. Makes my mouth water to think of about 5 or 6 sliders. You are
    definitely a lucky man.

    Jim Marsh

  2. Matt,
    I met you on Friday afternoon at Pop Wood and you did a great job explaining the process to me. I'm thinking seriously about a small "starter set" as we discussed. Thank you.


  3. Matt,
    All's been quiet since Cincinnati. Hope you are well, Big Pink is back in the shop and you are busy making beautiful planes!