Friday, April 8, 2011

PA Secretary Crown

Last week we laid out and executed a large bracket ogee foot for a PA secretary. Let's take a quick look at the crown.


#4 hollow followed by #6 hollow

#6 hollow followed by #6 round

#16 round

I do not doubt that you could be similarly happy with the queen anne cornice we executed a few weeks ago. There are very distinct differences, however. Do you see the differences? Do you care about the differences? 

Hollows and rounds allow one user to execute both with no new tools, no new credit card receipts, no compromises.


  1. Hi Matt,

    Still following.
    I have a(nother) question.
    I studied the layout for the Queen Anne cornice referenced above.
    I can see how the vertical rebate layout lines intersect with important breakpoints in the profile.
    Some of the horizontal lines are derived as a right angle from the intersection of the vertical and the profile - I'm still with it here.
    However, other horizontals, particularly those two in the large cove part of the profile, don't appear to be associated with anything. Is there a rule of thumb in effect here?
    Sorry for the detailed question I hope it makes sense.
    This blog is a great help to me. I'm progressing well - I am slowly building a set of moulding planes, I can sharpen them and make clean cuts but I am still really struggling with laying out the necessary rebates to start a profile.



  2. additionally,

    I prefer the PA Secretary Crown profile but I couldn't tell you why


  3. SimonM,
    In this particular profile the large cove is 60 degrees of a 1 1/4"R circle. I want to remove as much waste as possible so I'm not hogging off material with a profiled edge.

    Since I made a large number of rabbets the vertex of the rabbets can appear nearly upon the finished profile. The two highest arrises will guide the plane because they are the only thing the plane will touch in the first passes. What happens in between those two high points irrelevant.

    The locations of the various rabbets are not vital to the outcome here. I want to make as many as economically feasible time-wise.

    Sorry for the late reply, the last week has been hectic.