Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here are the answers from last week's quiz.

I always assume that everybody reading this blog has been here since day one. If you're new and you have the time, start there. If you are new and do not want to afford yourself the time look at the following links for a good place to start.

How I use a rabbet plane?
What are the purposes of rabbets?
and to remove waste with an edge that's easiest to maintain and sharpen

This week's quiz:

1. What will the above planes make if the irons' edges do not protrude as they should?

2. What needs to be changed in order make the above profile an ogee with the same sweeps?


  1. Question for you, Matt, sort of unrelated to the "quiz"...when making these complex molders, do you have a mother plane you're working from, or do you shape the profile by hand, or what? Just curious!

  2. Matt,

    Just like the rabbit plane, doesn't the flat side of side rounds have to protrude a few thousandsths?

    Chris K.