Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not the First Time, Not the Last

Measure twice. Cut once. Drill once. Cut mortises once. Fit wedges once. Flatten beds once. Start escapements once.


measure once...

...and work until 1am.

The Phillies don't even play tonight...brutal. I was hoping for another 19 innings.

The blog begins in full again Monday. I have a list of great topics. Stay tuned as I play a day game of catch-up during a 6 week season of catch-up.


  1. hurts me to see your planes heading to the bin... but if they ain't right, they ain't right.

  2. Are you a baseball fan? I haven't found many amongst woodworkers in general. Of course, you should be listening to the Red Sox, but I'll grant you points for the Phillies. When you run out of games to listen to, try Joe Posnanski's poscasts, you'll like them.

  3. John,
    Everybody around here is Red Sox fans so I often listen to them. But just so I can respond.