Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alone in the Wilderness (with my family)

My three children, wife and I went to Vermont this weekend to my family's cabin.

The cabin was built by a logger in 1900. My grandfather purchased it in 1940.

A sawmill stood on the opposite end of the pond. 

This is an effort to take a picture of the bottom of the lake. You're looking at the pond's floor about 10 ft deep.

Note the difference of the floor where the sawmill stood. It is only about 12" deep. 

There is not much left of the sawmill. There are a couple of logs with a couple of joints. 
Nothing more.

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing the documentary "Alone in the Wilderness" you may recognize the effort of the logger that built this camp.
The man in Alaska sawed much of the joint. The man that built this cabin did not.

 A long winter's hobby is evident in the main room's ceiling...

A few more pictures of the cabin...

 the pond from the dock...
the kids...
(our camp is at the very end of the second picture above. we are currently parallel to the closest cabin.)

and for Peter Follansbee...

Make sure you zoom in on this last picture.


  1. *sigh*

    Good stuff, Matt.

  2. Are they Loons "flying" underwater in the last picture?

  3. Jerry,
    There are two loons underwater in the last picture, yes. I was pretty excited to get it. The result was nearly a tipped canoe.

  4. Matt
    got the loons, thanks.
    so you decided to go north for summer vacation - I went to Roy Underhill's; now here at home it is almost 40 degrees cooler than the hottest day last week at Roy's place...
    but it was great fun. see you at WIA.

  5. What a beautiful place. I guess you've been going there as long as you can remember, and I bet you still look forward to going back.


  6. Hey! I recognize this place!

  7. Anonymous- "Hey! I recognize this place!"