Monday, July 11, 2011

CVSW Class

I will be teaching a class at CVSW next week. The class is July 24th and 25th, Saturday and Sunday.

Here is the write up I did for the class:

"Stop making compromises with your router. Stop getting “close enough”. Learn how to use some of the most abundant molding planes of the past to get the exact edge you are after. Hollows and rounds do not make specific profiles. They make specific arcs. Learn to transform these few arcs into scores of various profiles. From layout to execution, this weekend class will focus on creating various moldings with these extraordinarily versatile planes.

"The class will start off with maintaining the cutting edge, then move to laying out and ultimately sticking (planing) several moldings that will range from simple coves and ovolos through ogees, cymas and various combinations. The class will focus on hollows and rounds sized 6 and 10 along with a rabbet plane. Students will have the opportunity to bring their own performing planes or they can use newly made planes by M. S. Bickford, planemaker. Students will also have the opportunity to use a larger range of planes.

"Each student will leave with several picture frames and the ability to transfer moldings he or she sees in person or print into wood and onto their project." Sign up today - this is a great opportunity to learn the use of these versitle planes- and learn a little about how they are made. At the end of the weekend Matt will make available for sale some of the actual planes you will be using. Tuition $255.00 plus materials."

Shannon Rogers, The Renaissance Woodworker, attended the first class I taught last month. He blogged about the two days in two separate Audio Boos (?), which are short monologues.

If you want to learn to use these types of planes, or just speak to the greatest actively blogging operator of drilling accurate, small holes into angle work on a drill press, this class is a great opportunity. 

Bring the molding profile of the piece upon which you are currently working. We'll get it done in class (so long as that project is not your living room's crown). 

There are two spots available. 

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  1. Great write up. I know you will WOW the class. Your write up is right on target.
    Best of luck.

    Jim Marsh