Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lie-Nielsen 30th Anniversary

Congratulations Thomas Lie-Nielsen! 30 years...My knuckles ache just thinking about it.

I got back from a weekend in Warren, ME, home of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. I had a great weekend with my family and The Toolworks'. I used new products by Daed Toolworks, Sauer & Steiner, Brese Planes, Benchcrafted, and Czeck Edge. I saw several familiar faces, but did not take any pictures. My apologies. I will get some in the coming days to post.

I did get to stick a new molding profile in front of a crowd.

The waist molding to a Federal tall case clock:

Take note of two small features that make this slightly different from what we have touched upon before.

A cove that meets the bead prior to the cove reaching a 90 degree tangent:
Two elliptical shapes forming a cyma recta: 

Think about how you will execute this. (And don't judge me by my miters.)

If you have pictures or a link to pictures of the wandering crowd, please send them along. Just leave out my wandering children.

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  1. I saw a guy with a camera at his hip the whole time: he probably took one or two good shots you might like.