Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Class

I taught a weekend class at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking that ended today and I had a fantastic weekend.

The students were great. The school is great. I didn't have to help clean out the childhood bedrooms, closets and attic of my wife's family and that was great.

One of the students, Ben, made this frame profile completely by hand, excluding the rabbet on the bottom for the picture. (I imagine that Bob Van Dyke, the proprietor and one of the several teachers at  CVSW, nearly threw me out when he saw me cutting it on one of their several Sawstops. I don't know why. It's a Sawstop, right?)

I told Ben what order to cut the rabbets. He did the rest. To the best of my knowledge, he had not used hollows and rounds before. Total time: about 60 minutes. Total length: five feet. Total planes: 5. Total coats of finish: 0.

When introducing ourselves, Dan, another student, said that the prospect of making a tall case clock led him to the class. This, I can relate to. He came in with his own profile to stick. Consider it stuck...

Again, I don't think Dan had used hollows and rounds before. I cut the rabbets on my tablesaw this morning (where I don't need to have a gallery of people with mouths agape). I also took the first three passes with a side round to show the class how it is used. Dan did the rest by himself. I intended to help him. He didn't wait.

For the record, 8 people used 28 planes off and on for 14+ hours. I stropped 3 of the 8 rabbets, one round and no hollows.  One rabbet iron got damaged and has to go the the stones.

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