Friday, December 17, 2010

Frame 3

I better get this up quick before I lose half my audience due to my previous post.

This is the third of three frames that I'm making for gifts. I ran out of attractive frames in my house to copy so I googled 'picture frame profiles' and came up with this one.

Red Rabbet: 12/64w x 34/64h
Black: 4/64w x 40/64h
Green: 34/64w x 27/64h
Purple: 48/64w x 16/64h
Yellow: 23/64w x 16/64h
Orange: 8/64w x 25/64h

#10 round followed by #2 hollow

Rabbet followed by #4 hollow

#6 hollow followed by #4 round

The results:

Oval segments make it.
(Paint on my new sticking board!)

Look at the process. As I noted earlier, rounds follow the tips of two rabbets and hollows follow the edges of a chamfered rabbet. It holds true in everything we've done so far. 

Layout is the key to success.

Google molding profiles and see if you can sketch out a probable lay out.

This is the last time I make one out of oak. 

Send in requests or your going to get a Harry Potter wand carving seminar. 


  1. Matt,
    Thanks for the blog it's demystifying this process for me. The measured drawings are a great help but what interests me is how you derive the dimensions. I'm not familiar with SketchUp, is that the only way? I need to recreate some of the mouldings in my Edwardian era house - skirtings and chair rails mainly. I have a pattern transfer guage and thus sketches, but I'm struggling to make the correctly dimensioned rebates.
    While I'm in request mode some hints on sharpening would be appreciated - particularly hollows I keep losing the profile. But then I can only afford to buy second hand planes so they may be out before I start.
    Thanks again.


  2. Simon,
    Layout will be more obvious once I have time to type a post regarding how everything acts as a depth gauge.

    I'll definitely make some posts regarding sharpening.

    Stay tuned

  3. Given that I have a couple of hours since, I'm snowed in, can you give me an idea on how to do the profile in "Ask and You Shall Receive...20 minute/$10 shooting board". Last photo of the shooting board before Bonzo met his demise.

    Randy Best (The great white north).

  4. Matt,

    Your blog has been great for helping me understand more about these planes and how they are used to come up with so many profiles. I don't know much so I've been quietly stalking the blog and enjoying everything you write and tape. Since you mentioned requests how about something on the planes themselves and how they are made, fettled or maintained? Keep up the great posts, I'm looking forward to the much anticipated "how rabbets are depth gauges" post.


  5. Matt, I can't keep up.... you should put all of that on paper, in a book! Maby a DVD, I don't know... I jahve yo say I like reading books way better than reading blogs... And no offence, your blog is a great one, a lot of image!
    Keep up the good work, it is realy impressive!