Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I got a call this afternoon from a friend who is a contractor in our town. He's doing some work at a farm house and couldn't find a matching molding at any of the local places. (Each is probably 15 minutes apart and 20 from our small town.) "Can you do it?" "Yes, bring it over" "it's a quarter rou..." "Just bring it over."
20 minutes later...done.
I was asked about boxing. This is how I start a pair of snipes bill planes. Table saw kerf with the plane standing up. Lay the blank on its side and add the shoulder. Fit the boxing with planes. 
I've been told that it's pretty impressive that I can do this with planes. I'd be more impressed if you could do this with machinery. Planes are easy.

Finally, carving this amount really tests your attention span and patience. There is still quite a bit to do with these two legs, not to mention the front pair. 
I completed a pair of side chairs a couple years ago. I cannot imagine doing an entire set.
The end of March is getting closer.


  1. Thanks Jeff. They're actually the back two legs for a small dressing table. It will be an adventure.