Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NWA Woodworking Showcase

This weekend I will be at the NWA Woodworking Showcase in Saratoga Springs, NY. I will be sharing a booth with Raney Nelson of Daed Toolworks.

If you are considering going I will urge you one last time to make the trip. It's a great show. There is a large vending area but the focus is on the product, not the tooling. There is a professional/amateur competition that gets hundreds of entries that run the range from 14' adirondack boats to 3" william and mary miniatures.

If that's not enough Lie-Nielsen Jeff Noden, Chuck Bender of the Acanthus Workshop (where I will be teaching a class in May), Bob Van Dyke of CT Valley School of Woodworking (where I will be teaching a class in July) and many, many more will be there.

Still not enough? Chris Shwarz will be demonstrating.

Ok, ok. I have one last draw...

BIG PINK will be there!!!

I will see you at the show.


  1. ooooooohhhh, Matt - you didn't mention anything about the pinkness making an appearance. NOW I'm excited!

  2. Chris Shwarz and son of Roubo, who cares, with an appearance from Big Pink it makes this show a must see.

    More important is the piece finished for the juried competition? I seem to recall seeing the legs in the corner of a recent post.

    See you there.

    Jim Marsh

  3. Jim,

    Is the show this weekend? I forgot and thought it was next. I don't think the finishing schedule is going to work out.

    Seriously, yes, you saw the legs in the corner of a recent post. I tripped over one today and almost fell through a window. 2012...

    I'll see you there.


  4. Raney,
    Big Pink will have to be there to properly mark my 1 year anniversary.

  5. NWA? Long live Easy E and the boys from the LBC ....

  6. Matt,

    Congratulations! We wish you more prosperity in the years to come. We are an inspiration for many of us. Please keep up the outstanding work and Blog!

    Chris K.