Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Weekend Officially Marks My One Year Anniversary.

This weekend's appearance at the NWA Showcase officially marks my one year anniversary of pursuing customers.

I offer my sincerest gratitude to my customers who showed faith, to the readers of this blog, to my new friends and acquaintances, to the people that send pictures of their work, and to my future customers.

Thank you Lie-Nielsen Toolworks for making the products and hosting the shows that I rely upon so greatly.

Thank you Chris Schwarz, the largest proponent of the craft.

Especially, thank you Larry Williams and Don McConnell for your very early encouragement, direction and coattails.

Thank you Chuck Bender for asking in the first place.

Thank you to my wife, children and parents who have been insanely supportive.

Thank you,
Matt Bickford


  1. Thanks to you Matt for sharing such a inspirative and helpful blog

  2. Congratulations Matt! Your work is exemplary and it's really encouraging to see these traditional tools being re-incarnated. I got to see the set you made for Chuck last weekend, and I was very envious to say the least. Compared to my partial set of pieced together 19th century factory made American examples, well, there was no comparison. Your planes were head and shoulders above my antiques. Eventually I can see myself replacing the ones I have with better models, as time and money allow. Looking forward to meeting you at the SAPFM meeting at Chuck's place in May.

  3. Congratulations Matt!
    Here's to many many more years to come!
    Thanks for your informative blog and inspirational work. It was a pleasure to meet you at the NYC LN event and thanks for tolerating my hovering while you demoed and excuse me for any drool I may have left behind.

  4. Julio and Niels, thanks for reading.

  5. Bob,
    What's on the schedule for the SAPFM meeting in May?

  6. Matt,
    The schedule isn't finalized just yet as far as I'm aware, but once it is, it should be posted on the SAPFM board. It is tentatively scheduled for the 21st of May at Chuck's place from 9-1. Perhaps I jumped the gun, and shouldn't have, but Chuck and I were talking at the March meeting last weekend about your class there in May and he mentioned that you might stick around for the meeting on the 21st. Not sure what the topics for the meeting are going to be just yet, but it should be a good meeting. So if you do plan to stick around for it, I look forward to meeting you. Enjoy the show this weekend!

  7. I just received my set of hollows/rounds and snipes and side rounds. They are so beautifully made that I could see why some folks might just keep them on display. I congratulate you on your first year and we are fortunate to have you in business to make such a wonderful product. Now if I can only convince my wife that I need a few more of your planes.....