Thursday, March 3, 2011

Right on Schedule

The problem with writing this blog is that I know exactly when I finished carving the third leg for the dressing table on which I'm working. So, after a long hiatus I finished carving the 4th leg over the past two nights. I am right on schedule to have this complete for the NWA Woodworking Showcase in 2012.

The leg on the far left is the one that I just completed. When looking at the piece, it will be the front right leg. I had planned to carve this one last because it will be the most prominent. In the future, the second leg I carve will be the most prominent and the last leg will be the least.

As luck would have it, Will Neptune spoke at the SAPFM meeting this last weekend regarding, what else, dressing table construction. It was fun to hear methodology explained. I wish I had time for a class. He gave a great, quick-paced presentation.


On a different note: One of my favorite parts of this job is getting pictures of what people are working on. I always appreciate seeing the final product. I tip my cap to Andy Z. He sent a couple of pictures of a headboard he has just completed with only hand tools. Get this guy a router...

What's great about Andy's accomplishment and sets it apart from all others? Well, apparently he copied the moldings from a women's clothing store. I usually go to the food court while I'm waiting for my wife, but I really like this new option. 

Lee Valley, I'm thinking wallet sized circle templates.


  1. Nice job on the legs. It must be a great feeling to see work done that you have inspired. Thanks for taking the time with the blog. Without it I would have never got so interested in using hollows and rounds. Please keep up the great work. John

  2. Both handsome photos. Looking forward to seeing your table completed.

  3. Anon, Jeff,
    Thanks for reading.