Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wherever Your Interests May Fall...

I've had a functioning set of hollows and rounds for five or six years now. Over those years I initially spent countless hours trying to figure out how to put them to work. Now I spend countless hours each week making them. Sometimes, however, when I'm supposed to be making planes my old planes are still able to distract me and I start playing around with them. This blog encourages that behavior.

Hollows and Rounds excel in the versatility they allow. They give the user the luxury of options, countless options.

Three moldings. The largest is from yesterday's blog. The middle size is 2/3rds of that. The smallest is 2/3rds of the middle. Feel free to go larger, smaller or anywhere in between. (I scaled the Google sketchup images to 0.67% each time.)

Holding these in my hand makes me want to build a tall case clock. You can imagine all of these, and more, encompassing the case from floor to finial.

If you like the luxury of choice, if you like things being exact, if you like putting your hand to your work, check out some hollows and rounds some day. They will change your product and your methodology of work. They may even captivate your attention for years.

Depending upon where your interests fall, you may be happy with a close option that you're already able to produce. To each his own.


  1. Love the Queen Anne cornice profile! It's the same profile I want to use on my current build, when it gets that far. It's such a versatile collection of shapes, and as you've shown so effortlessly, it's easy to scale it to any size piece, using just a couple of planes. Keep up the great work on the blog Matt!